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Handcrafted Jewelry Of Exceptional Quality.

If you are a quilter or do needlework, you have no doubt misplaced your small scissors. Here is a great way to help you keep track of them. I use a variety of glass, ceramic, crystal or bone beads and an assortment of pewter charms. If you like cats, dragonflies, butterflies, shells....almost anything, I can design a scissor tail chain for you or for a gift. You can pick your color and charm, or leave it to me to chose for you. If you do any sort of needlework or have a friend who does, these are perfect!

If you see charms, colors or beads that you like, let me know. I can make one or several just for you. I give quantity discounts and can furnish wholesale information for shops.


**NEW** Beaded Keychains

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Bracelet Description Item Number Price
Beaded Scissor Tail With THREAD Charm- This scissor tail chain is designed with a wonderful collection of ceramic, glass, gemstone, bone and metal beads. When attached to your small scissors that you use for quilting, embroidery or sewing, it helps you find them when they are lost and you can enjoy the beauty of the beads. It makes a wonderful gift! ST-1 $10.00
Scissor Tail Chain With BUTTERFLY Charm-This one is a collage of ceramic, glass, and gemstone beads with a detailed cast pewter butterfly charm. It is 8 1/2 inches in length and will help the quilter and seamstress keep track of his/her small scissors. Each of my scissor tail chains are different. I can make a special one for you. ST-2 $10.00
Scissor Tail With Sea Shell Charm- A nice combination of glass and ceramic beads and a pewter sea shell charm are used for this scissor tail chain. It is 7 inches long and when attached to small scissors, makes them easy to keep track of and beautiful to see. You can give a gift that is handcrafted and different from any other, or you can have one for yourself! ST-4 $10.00
Scissor Tail With Thread Charm-A great collection of ceramic, glass, gemstone and metal beads make the design of this scissor tail chain especially beautiful. Be sure to notice the Mother of Pearl Leaf bead. It measures 7 inches in length and is good for dressing up the small scissors and making them easy to find when they are lost. Each scissor tail is unique. ST-5 $10.00
This beaded key chain has a wonderful assortment of beads and three pewter charms. There is a slot machine, deck of cards and a $100. casino chip. I do have some other casino charms if you would like to ask me about something specific, just email me. Each key chain is slightly different, so if your may not have exactly the same beads, but if you have color preferences, let me know. The split ring will hold your keys securely and it will be a nice conversation piece K-1 $12.95
This key chain would make a great gift for a teacher. It has an eclectic collection of beads and three pewter charms. They area school bus, an apple and a little schoolhouse. I do have other teacher charms, so if you have something in mind, please email me to see if it is available. Each key chain is slightly different, so your may not be with exactly the same beads. Let me know if you have color preferences. K-2 $12.95
This beaded key chain has a wonderful collage of beads and two pewter charms They are a sewing machine, and a spinning star quilt block. I have other quilting charms, so if you have something in mind, email and ask if it is available. each key ring is slightly different, so your may not be the with the excatly same beads. If you have color preferences, let me know. The split ring will hold your keys securely and it will be a nice conversation piece K-3 $12.95
What a HOT idea!! A handcrafted casino card chain!! This one has various blue glass beads with a holder for your casino card, but I can make one in any color combination you'd like. Just put the colors you desire in the paypal note box when paying, or email me. CC-1 $25.00
One Half Dozen Beaded Wine Glass Markers With Charms-You see an example of the beaded wine glass markers that I handcraft. I can make a set especially for you. I have beachy charms, wine-related charms, animals and bugs. These are selling in department stores for much more! I use all glass or ceramic beads....no plastic. WM-1 $18.00